Nice DOTNETZIP Integration with PowerShell

Let me share a script I built two years ago, and I just created a function for it named “New-ZipFile“. Basically, this PowerShell function script will create a blank zipped file and copy the files to it. At the same time if you run it again (after updating an existing file) will overwrite the file any existing files previously on the existing zipfile. Also, there’s no prompt.

This is an example of what PowerShell can provide at an excellent tool for providing creative solutions. Also the community is very active is helping everyone.

I agree that sometime is not easy but definitely not impossible. And there’s lots of other possible good alternative. But, using PowerShell let you customized your solution with an opportunity for enhancements giving you some level of control over what you want to accomplish.

I’m using the DOTNETZIP from Codeplex for this example. By the way, they provide good documentation on how to use the API’s. (hint: copy all the “Tools” folder to “Program Files (x86)\DotNetZip\..” folder)

You can download DOTNETZIP at the following link:

Here’s the sample script. Just change the variables values to your need, and make it your own:

[sourcecode language=”powershell”]
## – Beginning of Script:
Function New-ZipFile{
[String] $SrcFolder,
[String] $DestFolder,
[string] $DestZipName,
[String] $FileExtToZip,
[string] $ZipPurpose,
[string] $StoredInZipFolder,
[string] $DeleteFiles = $null
#$TodaysDate = Get-Date -uformat "";
#$ZipFileName = $ZipPurpose + "_" +$DestZipName + "_" + $TodaysDate;
$ZipFileName = $ZipPurpose + "_" +$DestZipName + ".zip";

if (Test-Path $DestFolder){
## – Create Zip file or it won’t work:
if (Test-Path ($DestFolder+"\"+$ZipFileName)) { del ($DestFolder+"\"+$ZipFileName) }
new-item ($DestFolder+"\"+$ZipFileName) -ItemType File
Write-Host "Destination Folder [$DestFolder] doesn’t exist" -ForegroundColor ‘Yellow’;

## – Loads the Ionic.Zip assembly:
[System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFrom("C:\Program Files (x86)\DotNetZip\Ionic.Zip.dll") |

$zipfile = new-object Ionic.Zip.ZipFile

## – AddSelectedFiles with source folder path:
## – ($false grab files in source folder) & ($true grab files & subfolder files)
$zipfile.AddSelectedfiles($FileExtToZip,$SrcFolder,$true) | Out-Null;
## – UseZip64WhenSaving, when needed, will create a temp file compress large number of files:
$Zipfile.UseZip64WhenSaving = ‘AsNecessary’

If ($DeleteFiles.ToUpper() -eq ‘YES’){
## – Remove all backed up files:
Write-Host "Deleting files after zip!";
get-childitem ($SrcFolder+"\"+$FileExtToZip) | remove-item

### – variables:
$DestZipName = "BackupMyTempSSIS";
$FileExtToZip = "name = *.*";
$DestFolder = "C:\MyBackupZipFolder";
$SrcFolder = "C:\TempSSIS";
$DeleteFiles = $null;
$StoredInZipFolder = "MyBackupZip\";
$ZipPurpose = "BackUp";
#or $ZipPurpose = "Save";

New-ZipFile -DeleteFiles $DeleteFiles `
-DestFolder $DestFolder -DestZipName $DestZipName `
-FileExtToZip $FileExtToZip -SrcFolder $SrcFolder `
-StoredInZipFolder $StoredInZipFolder -ZipPurpose $ZipPurpose;

## – End of Script

This is about having flexibility over what you want to do.  This is a good example how you can use an existing API with PowerShell.  As long there’s good API documentation then the rest just follows thru.


In the above sample script you can have is Scheduled in either Task Scheduler or in SQL Server Agent. This code becomes portable.

This script the folder for the zipped file most exist or it will display a message that the folder doesn’t exist, and has the ability to delete the files after its done. (feel free to modify)

I hope you’ll find it useful!

Maximo Trinidad (MVP – Windows PowerShell)
Mr. PowerShell

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