Great PowerShell sessions at SQLSaturday SoFla on June 29th 2013

Yes! On Saturday June 29th, I’ll be presenting two interesting PowerShell sessions:

1. DBA Track – PowerShell Working with XML

2. SSIS Track – Integrating PowerShell in a ScriptTask component

These session come full of demos and reference information.  The important one is the  “SSIS – Integrating PowerShell in a ScriptTask component” which help you to include your already existing PowerShell script file in a SSIS solution using SQL Data Tools 2012.

I’ll be show existing exciting tools such as SAPIEN Technologies:

1. PrimalXML 2012

2. PrimalSQL 2012

3. PrimalScript 2012

4. PowerShell Studio 2012

5. Open Source .NET development tool – SharpDevelop ( and you’ll see WHY!)

Also, I will be giving away some exciting stuff you don’t want to miss.

Please come and join us in this Great SQLSaturday event.  Here’s my presentation for both sessions.

PowerShell support Backup/Restore to Windows Azure Blob Storage service

#PowerShell to Backup Multiple Databases to Windows #Azure Blob Storage Service – Need #SQLServer 2012 SP1 CU4 installed:

Includes new series of PowerShell cmdlets to handles credentials:


At the same time this cummulative update enables the use of Backup-SqlDatabase and Restore-SqlDatabase cmdlets.

This MSDN documentation provides plenty of PowerShell samples worth looking at right now.

Thanks to SQLOS Team for providing the heads up!


New ISEBlox module for Comment Regions for ISE 3.0

The ability to comment/uncomment a block of code in ISE is one feature I’ve been fighting for a long time.  Please vote for it:

Thanks to Robert Robelo, he create an add-on that will allow you to comment/uncomment a block of code using the Comment Region feature in ISE 3.0.

Your can download this module from the Windows ISE Add-on library:

This is a *zip file which contains the module files. Make sure to read the  readme file to understand how to setup the add-on.

Basically, after creating the “ISEBlox” folder in your module folder which normally reside in your “C:\Users\..\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\ISEBlox”, you can proceed to extract the module files: *.psd1 and *.psm1.

***Very Important***
After downloading the *zip file you need to “Unblock” the file or you will get an error when trying to load the module.

To load the module in ISE manually run the following command in your ISE command prompt:

[sourcecode language=”powershell”]
Import-module ISEBlox

Also, you could add this module into your ISE user profile.

Then, to comment/uncomment your code can be done in the following ways:
1. Use the menu option under “Add-ons | Editor”.
2. Or, to comment use “Alt-C” and uncomment use the “Alt-U”.

Feel free to follow Robert in twitter (@muisak) and provide feedback.