FLPSUG October 16th Meeting PowerShell Excel Deep Dive…

Thanks to everyone who attend last Thursday meeting on “Quick Deep Dive to Excel with PowerShell” .   Here’s the demo sample scripts containing the following:

1. 0_TipsTrickResourceWithExcel.ps1 – Tips, Trick, and web resource information.
2. 1_TrapSystemLogData.ps1 – Sample script to build an PSObject with both Application/System errors and warning logs use to print the Excel report.
3. 2_CreateSystemLogReport.ps1 – Procedure that will generate the Eventlog results show grouped and count of errors in Excel format.
4. 3_Function_Convert-psObjectToExcel_01.ps1 – Another variation of creating a basic formatted Excel file from a PSObject.
5. 4_SMOGetdatabaseSize.ps1 – Sample script use to build a PSObject for the previous function.

Download Demo Scripts: