Florida PowerShell User Group – New Year 2015 Resolutions

Lets Do THIS!!  Come and join us.  It’s free essential training for a couple of hours.

  • IT Skills
    Any IT Pro/DevOps resolution for this year should be to improve your skills.  You need to start getting into PowerShell because is the the main technology for automating your On-Premise, Cloud and/or Hybrid infrastructure.  If you don’t care about it then you need to pick to a different career.
  • More Azure Sessions
    This new year I’m going to extend my PowerShell session to include more Azure presentations.  If you are a newbie you’re welcome to join us.  Or, if you’re already working with Azure PowerShell, then join us and share your experience.
  • Get to know Microsoft Cloud
    This year, get to know Microsoft Azure and all its component because they are all manageable with PowerShell.  With PowerShell you’ll need to building your knowledge of working with DSC (Desired State Configurations), OneGet, and Runbooks for Azure Task Automation.  There’s plenty of information out there and still you need to connect the dots to make it work.
  • Learn about tools
    One thing for sure is that Windows ISE editor and PowerShell version 4.0 (or greater) plays an important roll when buidling scripts.  Also, when combining the free Visual Studio Community Edition will be a most when integrating PowerShell and providing source code management with Team Foundation Online or Github. This is a MOST to learn to use!
  • Extending meetings
    Here’s where our new coming Azure PowerShell meeting will start diving into the essential of using DSC as a foundation to improve our understanding of Desired State Configuration.  At the end, of this journey we’ll end up taking a look at CHEF tool.

So, our normal monthly FLPSUG meeting (3rd Thursday) will be inviting MVP’s speakers to showcase their expertise.  Then, on our new second FLPSUG meeting (starting in February) we’ll be strictly concentrating on PowerShell Azure for Cloud Task Automation and having MVP Adnan cartwright (co-hosting) in these series.

Let us Welcome New Year 2015!!

Join Us next meeting on January 22nd 6:30PM (EST): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/florida-powershell-user-group-monthly-meeting-january-2015-tickets-15120220988