#SQLSat 40 – First SQL PowerShell track winners…

#SQLSat40 – I just emails 7 winners who attended our first #SQL Server #PowerShell Track-2 PSP editor, 2 PrimalScript2K9 & 3 PrimalSQL 2K9 were given away.

Congratulation to the winners:

Jeff Cuscutis PrimalSQL 2009
Bill Ehrreich PrimalSQL 2010
Craig Bourque PrimalSQL 2011
Justin Sheldon PrimalScript 2009
Kendra Little PrimalScript 2010
Shajay Das Idera PowerShell Plus
Diosmar Perez Idera PowerShell Plus

Please check your emails!

Thanks for attending SQLSatuday South Florida Event on July 31st 2010.

Max Trinidad

SQLSaturday 40 So.Florida–The first SQL PowerShell Track was a Successful event.


Thanks to the SQLSaturday organizers to allow us create the first official SQL PowerShell Track.  All sessions were full of people and all speakers gave excellent material.  Also, without the participation of all attendees, you all made it possible.

This was a great event. Here’s some pictures:

clip_image004Ron Dameron, full house. clip_image006SAPIEN’s David Corrales, Visual PowerShell 2011. clip_image008Aaron Nelson with Andy Warren.
clip_image010Myself (Max Trinidad) clip_image012Speaker Dinner at Pembroke Pines “Longhorn Restaurant”. clip_image014SQLSaturday closing event.

Also, special “Thanks!!”, both SQLSaturday and PowerShell sponsors who provided some excellent giveaways during our sessions: SAPIEN, QUEST/PowerGui, and IDERA.

SAPIEN BUTTON LOGO 2.5 inch with TEXT® clip_image016 clip_image017

Come and see us again on Saturday, October 16th in Orlando SQLSaturday #49.