Devart dbForge Studio for SQL Server Management Tool

I’ve been using DevartdbForge Studio for SQL Server mainly for helping documenting some of my legacy databases and to build some T-SQL script to embed in my PowerShell scripts.

This is a Great tool to have in your SQL arsenal. Check it out!


Download free for 30 days evaluation copy:

* Customized Skin
* Database Comparison
* .. Many more interesting features.

Here are some pictures showing what I like about this product:












PowerShell in South SQL Saturday 379 was a Great Success


Once again I’m thankful to the organizers to have me speak at this “Awesome” event.  I appreciate the all whom attend my session meking it a Great Success and they got more.  My “PowerShell with Visual Studio SQL Data Tools” session became also a “SMO Simplicity Recap” session. They got two session in one.



Session highlights

1. Visual Studio Community 2013 is the environment to use for integrated development by including Microsoft and Third-Party tools like:
a. PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio
b. Python Tools for Visual Studio
c. SQL Data Tools – Business Intelligent Developement
d. PowerShell Studio 2015  – call from within Visual Studio
e. PrimalXML 2015 – Call from within Visual Studio
d. And many more can be added…


2. Visual Studio integration with either Team Foundation and Github repositories.

3. A quick dive in XML objects.

4. PowerShell error trapping in integrated solution.


5. PowerShell SMO embedding and executing T-SQL code.


During my presentation I demo for the first time how Visual Studio can trap PowerShell errors from within a SSIS Script Task component. And, everyone dropped their mounth. Beside the fact that you can also run and trap script errors by executing by itself.


In the SMO session, I show how useful the ScriptBlock can be when embedding and running T-SQL code while PowerShell reads one object at a time.

To download my presentation and demo files are all available under South Florida SQLSaturday Schedule page:

Once again, THANKS to everyone for your attendance and support.

June Month for learning PowerShell and SQL Server SMO

Yes! This is month you could learn PowerShell and SQL Server Management Object (SMO) techniques to start building script(s) to manage your SQL Server(s).

I will be speaking at the following events:


1. South Florida SQL Saturday #379 on 06/13/2015 all day event. Session: “PowerShell with Visual Studio SQL Data Tools” (03:00PM – 04:15 PM) Register at:


2. IDERA’s Geek Sync Webinar – “PowerShell Essentials using SQL Server SMO” on 06/16/2015 at 10:00 AM CT (11:00 AM EST). Register at:

At the SQLSaturday event there will some giveaways during my session.  Go ahead and register to any of these events.  It’s Free!