Great PowerShell sessions at SQLSaturday SoFla on June 29th 2013

Yes! On Saturday June 29th, I’ll be presenting two interesting PowerShell sessions:

1. DBA Track – PowerShell Working with XML

2. SSIS Track – Integrating PowerShell in a ScriptTask component

These session come full of demos and reference information.  The important one is the  “SSIS – Integrating PowerShell in a ScriptTask component” which help you to include your already existing PowerShell script file in a SSIS solution using SQL Data Tools 2012.

I’ll be show existing exciting tools such as SAPIEN Technologies:

1. PrimalXML 2012

2. PrimalSQL 2012

3. PrimalScript 2012

4. PowerShell Studio 2012

5. Open Source .NET development tool – SharpDevelop ( and you’ll see WHY!)

Also, I will be giving away some exciting stuff you don’t want to miss.

Please come and join us in this Great SQLSaturday event.  Here’s my presentation for both sessions.

Orlando Code Camp 2013 – PowerShell sample code…

Saturday March 16th, 2013

First, Thanks to the organizers for having me speak about PowerShell and the gift they gave to all the speakers.  Also, Thanks to all the sponsor’s and all whom attended my PowerShell sessions:

1. PowerShell Working with PSObjects.

2. PowerShell working with XML.

Here’s the zip file with both presentation and sample code for download:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

It was a pleasure to participate in this event.

Great SQL Saturday South Florida Event – PowerShell included!!

Yes!!  It was a great event with over 400 people showing up, and only two PowerShell Sessions included.  Thanks to all SQL Saturday organizers for all the efforts in putting this events together.  I’m honor to be part of it.  Thanks Scott and Herve!!

Well, here’s both presentations: Session 1 – Let’s Talk About SQL PowerShell, Session 2 – Extendign your T-SQL with PowerShell, and more samples:

Many THANKS!! to all who attended my sessions, and I know that you all were asking for more at the end.  This is just an example that there’s a lot to talk about PowerShell and every little time to do it.  But, don’t worry!

I’m in the process of setting up some livemeeting event every on the third week of the month at 11:30am(EST).  It will a “PowerShell Code Snippet” 3o minutes demo with the purpose of showing block of code by myself and our PowerShell community.  Hopefully, this will speed up your learning by reusing these block of code.

Stay Tuned to this blog site for more information.

Just forgot… Congrats to all the winners how found marking on the flyers I provided.  I gaveaway 2 SAPIEN PowerShell V2 ebooks (X), 2 PluralSight One Month Training  Subscription(PL), and 2 Diskeeper Pro Premier Defrag software for desktop (D).

Happy PowerShelling!!

FLPSUG Next Livemeeting – July 13th 6:00PM

Florida PowerShell User Group Virtual Meeting.

Next livemeeting, Wednesday July 13th, starting at 6:00PM (45min-1hr), I will be presenting about “Customizing your PowerShell Environment”. Here’s the link if you want to join me:*GD587c

Download Presentation here: <will be provided later> (rename *txt file to *zip)

South Florida IT Camp Saturday 2011 on July 23rd

We are pleased to announce the first South Florida IT Camp on Saturday, July 23rd 2011 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at Nova Southeastern in Fort Lauderdale.

Parking and admittance to this event is free.  Lunch will provided. Please Register now. Let your friends and colleagues know about this event.

Join system administrators IT professionals and database professionals in addition to managers at all levels in Florida that work with Microsoft technologies for a “IT Camp Saturday”. IT Camps are a free, one day learning event for anyone seeking professional development. This event serves IT professionals and students with a focus on IT Pro related technologies. IT Camps offer a conference style learning environment free of charge to attendees and is open to presenters of
all backgrounds and expertise.

Have questions? Comment or Contact Us.

Call for Speakers is Open

The call for speakers is open until 6/11. Topics can be anything applicable to System admins, and/or IT Pros including SharePoint, System Center, SQL Server, PowerShell, Active Directory, or Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7.

To submit your session, please Click Here, or if you have questions? Comment or contact us.

Microsoft Evangelist Blain’s Barton–IT Time Radio…

Yes, East Coast Sr. IT Pro Microsoft Evangelists Blain Barton and John Baker, will be hosting every Friday around noon and IT Radio show.  So, Tuned In, Listen, and participate with these two great speakers.


For more information click the following link:

First ITCamp 2011 for IT Professionals been organize in Tampa, FL

Just to let you all know that we have something cooking in Tampa in March 19th. We are organizing our first event by the community, for the community.

Event: ITCamp for IT Professionals

Location: KForce – Tampa FL

Event Date: March 19th, 2011

Time: 8am-5pm

Sessions: Four Different Tracks – Including multi-sessions.

Session Times: 40 mins with 10 mins Q and A (50 mins total)

4 Tracks are:

– Windows 7 Deployment, Systems Management

– Office, SharePoint and Office WebApps

– Windows 7 Mobile, Cloud Sessions

– SQL Server Administration

We planning to cover PowerShell in most of the tracks.

This event is been spearheaded with the help of our Microsoft Senior IT Pro Evangelist for the Southeast (FL, AL, and MS) Mr. Blain Barton ( ). We want to spread this concept throughout the Southeast and possibly many more areas… just like SQLSaturday if possible.

I’ll keep you all posted.

Florida First ITCamp 2011 is starting in Tampa on Saturday March 19th…

To all IT Pro’s!!

I just heard from our Southeast Microsoft IT Evangelist Blain Barton that we have a date set for our first ITCamp 2011 in Tampa. It’s going to be on Saturday March 19th at KForce in Tampa. We are planning to have the following sessions:
1. Exchange
2. Sharepoint
3. SQLServer
4. Office
5. PowerShell
6. Server and Desktop Deployments

This is just beginning and I will be helping Blain in organizing this event and speakers sessions.

With that said!!!  We’ll be calling for speakers sometime next month.

Stay tuned for more information soon to come.


Orlando SQLSaturday 49, SQL PowerShell Track was a success!

Special Thanks to all SQLSaturday organizers to allow us to prepare this track, and to all sponsors for the giveaways.  Here’s a picture of all SQL PowerShell speaker for that day:


From left to right: Ron Dameron, Aaron Nelson, Max Trinidad, Chad Miller, and visiting from Microsoft Mr. Ed Wilson (Scripting Guy).

If you want to download my presentation and sample, please click on the following link:

Before opening the file, make sure to rename the file to a *.zip file type.

For other SQL PowerShell presentation downloads, click on this link:

Thanks again to all attendees that participated in our sessions.

Some SQL Server and PowerShell News – 10/07/2010 …

Powershell Virtual Chapter

Yes, join my college and Tampa friend Chad Miller, on his inaugural event on October 20th.  Check for details at:

Worldwide Online TechDay 2010

Also, don’t forget to signed up to the first ever “Worldwide Online TechDay 2010” –  Saturday, October 30.  This event was put together by my MVP friend Laerte Junior and his colleges..  It’s originated in Brazil, having me, Chad Miller and a few others SQL Server PowerShell enthusiast will be giving live online presentations.  For more information, here’s the link:

About SQL Server SP2

I’ve been on top of the recent release of SQL Server 2008 SP2 just because Microsoft send a TechNet Newsletter announcing that SQL Server 2008 R2 ‘SQL Server 2008 SP2’ was released.  Well, as you know by now, they have corrected the mistake.  Again, SQL Server 2008 SP2 is ONLY for SQL Server 2008 and NOT R2.


More upcoming Florida Events:

1. SQLSaturday #49 on Saturday October 16th.  We are having an all day SQL PowerShell track full of good presentations all the long.  I will be giving a new session “Working with SQL Server – SQLPS”, first session in the morning starting at 9:00am.  Come on over and remember, it’s Free:

2. I will be repeating my SW Florida .NET CodeCamp 2010 “Working with PowerShell” Session at the SW Florida .NET Developers Group meeting on Tuesday, October 26th 6:30PM.   Thanks to John Dunagan for inviting me over again.   Sign up at:

If you leave anywhere in these Florida areas, I hope to see you soon.

Happy PowerShelling!!