SQL Saturday #86 Tampa BI edition: SSIS – Analyzing your data integrating PowerShell session

I’m excited to bring this new topic to #SQLSat86 Tampa for the BI community.  So, here’s a brief rundown of what I will be covering on Saturday, November 5th morning session:

Topic: SSIS – Analyzing your data integrating PowerShell

*Note: This is not an all PowerShell Session but it plays a big role in this SSIS solution.

What will be covering:

1. Some basic to intermediate SSIS and PowerShell.
2. How to pass arguments between PowerShell and SSIS steps.
3. How to use PowerShell to assist in analyzing our tables and/or Data.
4. How to Integrate PowerShell in our SSIS Solution (when needed).
5. Tool available to allow these two technologies to integrate in our ETL solution.

This is going to be an ALL DEMO session.


1. Have some interest in PowerShell.
2. Some basic SSIS ETL experience.
3. Willing to be open to new technologies.
4. Most Important: No PowerShell experience is not required.

I will Demo:

1. Passing Arguments between PowerShell Applications in SSIS.
2. Work with both Script Task and Script Components.
3. Use of both VB and C# (CSharp) .NET Scripting code.
4. Some PowerShell.

I hope yopu will enjoy this presentation