Windows Management Framework 5.0 RTM is HERE!

Finally! The Windows Management Framework version 5.0 RTM is available for download for all down level Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Servers 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Servers 2012 R2.

WMF50_01_12-18-2015 10-42-32 PM

Download link here:

WMF50_02_12-18-2015 10-42-32 PM

You’ll notice that there are no download files for Windows 7 SP1 x64 and Windows 8.1 x64.  In order the install either of these you can use the following:

1. For Windows 7 SP1 x64 – Download and install: W2K8R2-KB3094176-x64.msu

2. For Windows 8.1 x64 – Download and install: W2K12-KB3094175-x64.msu

Check out the list of new and updated features:  (extracted from the “Detail” section)

  • Develop with classes in Windows PowerShell
  • Just Enough Administration (JEA)
  • Extract and parse structured object out of string content
  • More control in Windows PowerShell Remote Debugging
  • PowerShell Information Stream
  • New and updated cmdlets based on community feedback
  • Generate Windows PowerShell cmdlets based on an OData endpoint with ODataUtils
  • Manage .ZIP archives through new cmdlets
  • Interact with symbolic links using improved Item cmdlets
  • DSC authoring improvements in Windows PowerShell ISE
  • 32-bit support for the configuration keyword in DSC
  • Audit Windows PowerShell usage by transcription and logging
  • Configure DSC’s Local Configuration Manager with the meta-configuration attribute
  • Configure piece by piece with partial configurations in DSC
  • Manage with cross-computer dependencies in DSC
  • More control over configurations in DSC
  • Find more detail about configuration status in DSC
  • Support for -? during DSC configuration compilation
  • Support for DSC RunAsCredential
  • Rich information for DSC LCM State
  • Side-by-Side installation of DSC Resources and PowerShell Modules
  • PSDesiredStateConfiguration Module version updated to 1.1
  • Report configuration status from DSC to a central location
  • Discover and install software with PackageManagement
  • Discover PowerShell Modules, PowerShell Scripts and DSC resources with PowerShellGet
  • Network Switch management with Windows PowerShell
  • Software Inventory Logging (SIL)

Go ahead, download, and start using PowerShell version 5.0.

WMF50_03_12-18-2015 10-42-32 PM

SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2015 is PowerShell v5.0 ready:

SAPIEN_WMF50_02_12-18-2015 10-42-32 PM