PowerShell at the Orlando Code Camp 2016


Orlando Code Camp 2016, Saturday April 2..

I had the pleasure to once again be a speaker at this activity since (I think) I started speaking in 2008. I have to say this is one of my favorite event I love to attend.


I appreciate all 22 attendees that came to my session “The Essentials of Tackling PowerShell Basic Functions”.  Here’s where I show everyone how they can evolve their scripting skills. Showing how from a single cmdlet evolves to script and the a possible function.  But, still so much to learn about PowerShell and leting them know the “Get-Help” cmdlet is a good start.


At the same time, I showcase Sapien Technologies “PowerShell Studio 2016” and gave them a taste of a useful Windows application built in PowerShell.



Here’s the link to both the presentation and sample scripts:

And, we got a winner in the raffle at the end of my presentation.


Please check out my “The Essentials” series at Idera’s Geek Sync: (make sure to select “Webcast”)