PowerShell Open Source on Bash on Windows 10 Breakthru

Finally, the fix we all been waiting for has arrived with the newest release of PowerShell version v6.0.0-alpha.17. Now, when you installed the Ubuntu 16.04.1 version of PowerShell 6 in Bash on Windows 10, it works this time.

Thanks God! No more crazy cursor screen issues going on when you type commands and/or display results.

Screen issues before PowerShell v6.0.0-alpha.17

And, not it’s corrected!

Now you experiment with both Linux Ubuntu Desktop GUI and non-GUI interface to try using PowerShell. It was just a matter of time for this to be corrected.

How do you install PowerShell 6 in Bash on Windows?

Using your Windows 10 browser, go to the following Github PowerShell “Release” link:

Look for the “powershell_6.0.0-alpha.17-1ubuntu1.14.04.1_amd64.deb” download file then click to download.

Keep in mind, this is a Linux Debian file type and there’s no need to “unblock” the file.

Open your “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows” console then look for the PowerShell *.deb file. This file will be found in the following Linux folder path “/mnt/c/Users/mtrinidad/Downloads

To *list all Debian file types use the following command: (Change directory first!)

cd /mnt/c/Users/mtrinidad/Downloads
ll *.deb

*note: Using the “ll” command will list the files with their date/time.

After you have verify the file has been downloaded, then follow the installation instructions on the following link: https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/blob/master/docs/installation/linux.md#ubuntu-1604

If you have previously installed any version PowerShell v6.0.0-Alphaxx, it won’t hurt to remove it first using “super user” privileges (with “sudo ..”), as follows:

sudo apt remove powershell

Then proceed to install from the “Downloads”, by typing the following command:

sudo dpkg -i powershell_6.0.0-alpha.17-1ubuntu1.16.04.1_amd64.deb

So, when done just type “powershell” (lowercase) and you’re good to know.

Start using Bash on Windows and keep learning PowerShell!

Thanks to Jeffery Hicks to letting me know that this was fix on Bash on Windows. Check out his PowerShell blog at: http://jdhitsolutions.com