Functions to assist with Windows PowerShell Profiles

This script hold a total of 4 functions to help setup your missing PowerShell User profiles which are not created when installing Window Management Framework, nor setup during then new Windows 7/2008R2 Operating Systems.

Get this script at the Microsoft Technet Script Gallery:

You’ll have the following functions available to setup all your profiles:

  1. Set-PSUserProfile – Will create a blank Windows PowerShell User profile.
  2. Set-PSISEProfile – Will create a blank Windows PowerShell ISE User profile.
  3. Get-PSUserProfile – Will display or edit the Windows PowerShell User profile.
  4. Get-PSISEProfile – Will display or edit the Windows PowerShell ISE User Profile.

Also, all four commands use the parameter “-OpenWithEditor” in case you want to
make changes to any of the profile files.  All functions have aliases.

To load all functions use the following command:

PS Z:\YourScriptLocation>. .\ Beginner_PSProfile_Helper_functions.ps1

Use the help command to get information about any of the 4 functions:

PS> Help Get-PSUserProfile -Detailed

See folowing images:

Brief sample of the profile helper functions
Sample of the function using the "-OpenWithEditor" parameter

To Michael Simmon which his blog gave the idea to create these functions:

I hope you’ll find it useful.