SQL Denali missing “IF Exist…", default option is “False”…

On my previous blog, I mention about the missing “IF EXIST …” SQL Statement when scripting out a Drop/Create a table.


I should have known that there’s an option you can change this behavior.  On SSMS Denali, look under “Tools | Options | SQL Server Object Explorers | Scripting”, and under “Object Scripting Options” you will find the “Include IF NO EXIST Clause”.  Yes, you read it right!!  People have complain about the wording of this option.  Why not use “Include IF EXIST clause” or “Enable/Disable IF EXIST Clause”?   Well, as they say in Survivor…  It’s time to vote!

I found this Microsoft Connect feedback: http://connect.microsoft.com/SQLServer/feedback/details/624075/include-if-not-exists-clause-impacts-drop-scripting

Look like Microsoft is listening and they have a fix for the next release of Denali.  Good Job Microsoft!