Some SQL Server and PowerShell News – 10/07/2010 …

Powershell Virtual Chapter

Yes, join my college and Tampa friend Chad Miller, on his inaugural event on October 20th.  Check for details at:

Worldwide Online TechDay 2010

Also, don’t forget to signed up to the first ever “Worldwide Online TechDay 2010” –  Saturday, October 30.  This event was put together by my MVP friend Laerte Junior and his colleges..  It’s originated in Brazil, having me, Chad Miller and a few others SQL Server PowerShell enthusiast will be giving live online presentations.  For more information, here’s the link:

About SQL Server SP2

I’ve been on top of the recent release of SQL Server 2008 SP2 just because Microsoft send a TechNet Newsletter announcing that SQL Server 2008 R2 ‘SQL Server 2008 SP2’ was released.  Well, as you know by now, they have corrected the mistake.  Again, SQL Server 2008 SP2 is ONLY for SQL Server 2008 and NOT R2.


More upcoming Florida Events:

1. SQLSaturday #49 on Saturday October 16th.  We are having an all day SQL PowerShell track full of good presentations all the long.  I will be giving a new session “Working with SQL Server – SQLPS”, first session in the morning starting at 9:00am.  Come on over and remember, it’s Free:

2. I will be repeating my SW Florida .NET CodeCamp 2010 “Working with PowerShell” Session at the SW Florida .NET Developers Group meeting on Tuesday, October 26th 6:30PM.   Thanks to John Dunagan for inviting me over again.   Sign up at:

If you leave anywhere in these Florida areas, I hope to see you soon.

Happy PowerShelling!!